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Fast Forum Setup

Setting up your ProBoards free forum is fast and easy. Once you've submitted the completed setup form, an activation code will be emailed to you. Simply click the activation link in the email and login to your new free forum. There's no software, downloads or installations required. As the forum owner, your user name will be admin. Use the password you originally entered in the setup form. Next, click the Activate Account link and your new forum will be ready to go. To begin adding topics and customizing your new forum, navigate to the Administration area by clicking the admin button in the top navigation bar.

For those just starting out, ProBoards Getting Started Guide is a powerful resource. Here you'll find answers to the most common questions new members have when setting up their new ProBoards forums including Forum Basics, Forum Best Practices, Promoting Your Forum, and much more.

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Anyone who's got something to say! Seriously, the variety of interests, avocations and topics found in ProBoards free forums is mind boggling. Conversationalists, hobbyists and businesses providing critical customer support all call ProBoards free forums home to their online discussion communities. With over 22 million registered users hosting over 700,000 active discussion forums, ProBoards supports a virtual community of discussion groups whose passions and variety of interests literally stagger the imagination.

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Free Forum Support

ProBoards member support center exists for one reason; to help our members enjoy and grow their forum communities. For 24/7 help with your ProBoards forum, please visit our Support Board. If you need help with coding, visit the Coding and Design boards. If you'd like to chat it up with other ProBoards members, you'll enjoy General Talk. The ProBoards forum support community is extremely active and a great way to get your questions answered.