Kooky Spooky v0.0.1

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A kooky, spooky Halloween theme in toxic green and purple.

The header/base images are included and can be found in the images tab with the rest of the graphics for this theme. A "blank" image is also included, which will need to be used in the Category-Info Center plugin if you choose to use it.

You will need two plugins to make this theme look like the live preview board, but the Category-Info Center plugin isn't necessary and you can go without it if you prefer, you'll just have regular text in place of the images. If you do wish to use the Category images plugin, you can request customization by messaging me at Proboards Support or by visiting me at Userbar Depot. You can also email me a request at beccagranger@yahoo.com. The blank image I've provided will go in the field labeled "Replace Text Image". The category images (which you will need to have made for you specific to your board) will go in the field labeled "Replace BG Image". "Force Cell Height" should be set at 50 and the BG Position Horiz should be set for "Center". The rest leave blank.:

The Category-Info Center Images plugin which can be downloaded here: www.proboards.com/library/plugins/item/320

The Head Base Side Images plugin found here:

If you are unable to download either plugin, contact me and I will get them to you somehow. If you need help with setting either plugin up correctly, contact me and I'll assist you.

All images associated with Kooky Spooky belong to me, Becca. Please do not rip these images, and give credit to me if you use them. Doing this will ensure that I continue to make graphics for everyone to use. ;) I do not mind minor changes made to the logo (a blank logo is included under the images tab), and it is even acceptable if you don't use all of the images in the download file.

All I ask is please do not remove my copyright, which is usually found at the bottom of the forum. If you use only select images from this theme, please give me credit in whatever way you can, such as affiliating with my forum, Userbar Depot.

Any Proboards icons belong fully to Proboards. I do not claim ownership of them in any way.


November 23, 2022
Sangat keren
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